We live in a branded world. Everything has a label on it. We study reviews and make a dozen research on the Internet before making a final decision. Our digital reputation functions the same. It can be “reviewed” online anonymously by Google to checking our public social media profiles. Bingo! The first impression is made. The way you position yourself in the digital world might have a tremendous impact on landing your next job and how others perceive you as a person.

Choosing a name for your personal brand is one of the fundamental tasks that you must do before moving to the next big thing. It could get really tricky. This article will provide you with ideas to create a name that conveys an overpowering set of features, emotions, and connections in a way that no corporate sounding brand can. A solid personal brand name will empower you and influence others intellectually.

Personal Branding vs Business Branding

Self-doubt is one of the worst enemies when it comes to personal branding. You must be certain about yourself, your abilities, the capacities to inspire, add values, and help other people. When you doubt yourself, how would you be able to spread your message?

If you believe only businesses, companies, or corporations should focus on branding. You might want to think again. In the digital world, everyone has a personal brand. No matter you like it or not, this trend won’t go away anytime soon.

There are over 300 millions yoga practitioners worldwide according to the International Yoga Federation and its popularity is continuing to grow. It is unstoppable.

One of Azana core products — Cork Yoga Mat

Nothing is as irritating as having to move your stuff to a new place, or worse, to a new country.

“Simplicity is the soul of efficiency.” — AUSTIN FREEMAN

The world seems to only know about extroverts and introverts, but what about omniverts? Who on earth are they?

Portugal is among 15 countries with the coworking growth per capita by 1.5 and Lisbon is among 40 cities worldwide by coworking growth. At least one new space opens in this sunny capital every 40 days.

The Entrance.
Address: Avenida Marquês de Tomar, 92C (near Campo Pequeno)

After spending 5 years touring the world, I ended up moving my entire life to Lisbon, Portugal. I have not yet spoken Portuguêse fluently or built a great career that brings the best out of me, but it does not matter. I moved here to be with the person I love the most and to start a new beginning, looking for opportunities to grow. Working as a cabin crew completely changed my life and how I look at the world we live in. However, to be able to fully send a resignation to my company, it required massive courage and a strong will-power.

Catching the sunset in Graça, one of the most photogenic neighborhoods in Lisbon.

1. The perfect sunny weather

I admit that I had issues regarding leaving. I had a lot of fears and uncertainties. I doubt myself that what if I could not make it post-cabin crew life? What else could I do apart from being a flight attendant? Am I going to miss my amazing salary? What if I regretted and wanted to come back?

One of my last flights in Emirates Uniform.

Travelling the world for free while getting a good salary?

Waking up in different cities every week just to go shopping/sightseeing?

Living in Dubai with free accommodations provided and tons of days off just to party all night?

…Your Instagram is filled with travelling pictures and stories. Everyone envies your lifestyle.

….You walk in the airports glamorously; people even take photos of you as if you were a celebrity.

Van Vo

Power Up Your Digital Impact • Front-End Web Development

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